MiiCare’s platform for connected care delivery

OV works closely with customers and partners to provide the IoT connectivity they need to innovate. Here we find out how our solutions are powering the big ideas that change society.

OV a customer mindset

For the elderly, the ability to live independently is a huge freedom that brings numerous health and wellbeing benefits. In order to live a dignified and independent life however, those that live alone, in isolation or with underlying health conditions, often need additional support. The MiiCube from MiiCare, which is known as Monica, is fast becoming that go-to lifeline.

Monica is a fantastic AI-based assistive technology that looks after the health and wellbeing of older adults. Powered by an ecosystem of IoT sensors and telehealth devices, Monica monitors daily routines, activity levels and body vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and temperature to enable older adults to continue to live independently, safely. If any abnormal activity is detected, like a change to diet, fluid intake or indeed a fall, Monica connects to a list of predefined contacts who can assist the person in need. And by holding the SOS button or simply shouting “I NEED HELP”, Monica will check in with the user and can send out an SOS for assistance.

As a digital voice assistant, Monica also provides families and carers with peace of mind that elderly users have permanent companionship, combatting loneliness by keeping them stimulated and engaged.

Better still, because Monica operates in the background providing truly ‘person-centred’ care – it empowers older adults and helps them retain dignity in their independent life.

Enabler OV innovation

Before Monica launched to transform the provision of home care, the product was a concept that needed testing and proving.

Launching a changemaking product that depends so heavily on AI and connectivity also requires a lot of support from partners in the IoT space, so when OV learned about MiiCare’s solution and potential to transform lives – the team threw its support behind the concept.

OV worked with the founders of MiiCare and creators of the MiiCube, Kelvin Summoogum and Ophir Levy to provide a vital connectivity piece, providing OV IoT SIMS, linking the MiiCube to the internet when there is no broadband available or to seamlessly switch to mobile connectivity when broadband gets interrupted,  In addition MiiCare has complete control via the OV-IoT SIM management platform allowing them to monitor, control and manage their SIM estate.

Given its impact on the lives of the elderly, it’s no surprise that the MiiCare Solution has very quickly built a strong reputation in the UK home care space and the business now has exciting plans to launch into the US where OV will continue to support MiiCare with connectivity in this new jurisdiction.

Partner OV choice

“When you have a bold idea and want to create real change out in the world with a product you’re developing – you need partners you can trust, and OV has been that partner with IoT Connectivity. Without OV’s support it would genuinely have been much harder for us to trial the MiiCare solution in a variety of settings. Thanks to this vital work it is now making a real difference to the health and wellbeing of many older adults across the UK. The team at OV has been a pleasure to work with and looking ahead we have exciting plans to collaborate on a number of projects that will further deepen our relationship.”

Kelvin Summoogum
Founder and CEO

“OV has the infrastructure and capabilities we need. They helped us to test the connectivity of our product as well as providing us with access to their management tools and technical support. Data from this vital phase enabled us to visualise and measure the real-world impacts of the product, meaning we were able to refine and get it ready for market.

“OV has been fantastic. The support we’ve had from Lindy and the team has been great. They are easy to work with, passionate about empowering changemakers and you can tell they have a genuine interest in making a difference.”

Ophir Levy
Co-founder and
Chief Technology Officer