Caburn Group: On a critical mission

OV works closely with customers and partners to provide the IoT connectivity they need to innovate. Here we find out how our solutions are powering the big ideas that change society.   

OV a customer mindset

Caburn Group was formed by a team of highly-experienced connectivity specialists. They deliver high-quality connectivity services across a range of important industry sectors, including the lone worker, healthcare and telecare communications.

Their mission is simple – to provide world-class mobile connectivity, recognising the mission and business critical nature of all IoT services.

Caburn Solutions focus on the development of ground-breaking connectivity services, managed gateways, sensors, and associated platforms. They develop, incubate, and deliver innovative and specialised IoT solutions. They integrate their own and a range of OV’s technologies for the environmental, building, home and health, well-being, and personal monitoring sectors.

The Caburn Connect brand of services provides the mission-critical surety of those IoT services seeking to protect or preserve life. These include the emergency services, building alarms, telecare for the elderly, vulnerable lone-workers and employees, health, well-being and assisted-living applications. These types of mobile services require resilient multi-network voice services, as well as real-time network testing and traffic monitoring of core and extra service features.

Meeting OV Minds

This is a highly technical field, and it takes time to consider and evaluate the potential benefits of working with a partner. Caburn Group chose OV because of its ability to deliver multi-network voice and data services with roaming connectivity and real-time control, monitoring and support. They’d looked at other connectivity providers, but felt that OV provided a particular level of support and flexibility that’s essential in delivering the right services for the sectors the Group operates in.

The Group found that OV offered a higher level of integration and a closer working relationship than other providers could deliver. The Group have also found that with OV, they can work closely to integrate their own management systems with OV’s.

Caburn Group believe that OV provide an exceptional level of transparency and support in systems integration. The two companies have already been successful in developing leading connectivity solutions for the lone worker, healthcare and telecare sectors. The Group is expecting high and sustained growth across their business in the coming years as a result.

Partner OV Choice

“At Caburn, we believe Voice IoT has a crucial part to play in the future of the critical sectors we operate in. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with OV for several years to deliver integrated technology platforms for our markets. OV is one of the few companies that truly understands the importance of the role voice will play here, and they are investing in it. That’s a big reason we value what they do.

Many providers we talked to offered a generic, off-the-shelf service. OV were different from the very start. They offer real-time activity and performance auditing, unlike others who can only deliver daily audit reporting.

Particularly important for us is OV’s multi-network offer, which guarantees the most reliable connectivity at all times. This is vital in a critical sector. Our customers and end users need to know that our technology will be there for them when they really need it – without fail. OV helps us to deliver on that promise.”

Dr David Fell, Managing Director, Caburn Solutions

To find out more about Caburn Group, visit their website.