Why voice leads the way for IoT solutions

Staying connected on the move is quickly becoming a requirement for both businesses and individuals. But, roaming on one network will only take you so far. Here’s why a choosing a multi-network provider is the only way to ensure critical calls will get always get picked up.

The world of IoT is complex (and growing). Because of this, we hope to bring clarity to at least one area: voice. There are plenty of networks in the market claiming to support the latest developments. However, in this blog, we share why multi-network providers offers the only reliable connection for IoT solutions in a critical setting. In addition, we learn why businesses with global goals are ultimately turning to multi-network.

Currently, voice sits as a part of IoT. However, following recent developments in the voice revolution, this sector is quickly leading the way for IoT solutions. It is clear to see why. Speech offers many unique qualities, including data-rich intuition and speed. Whilst IoT connects devices, voice provides simple ways to achieve touch-free interactions. Moreover, by engaging with IoT using voice, users can complete other tasks concurrently. Therefore, hands-free devices are not just helpful, but vital for some. Most importantly, for less-abled individuals.

Addressing multi-network IoT solutions

The benefits of using voice are loud and clear. Now, the focus is on leading it towards inclusive IoT solutions. Following VoLTE (Voice over LTE) developments, manufacturers continue to place voice technology at the forefront of design. But how do we ensure reliability? Can we always trust voice in critical situations? We show three reasons why multi-network voice is the answer to a trusted and future-proof service.

1. The only consideration for critical connections

In a previous blog, we shared some real-world applications of IoT. The conclusion? A reliable connection is key. Especially, for example, when managing large equipment or offering real-time listening in care. This is the reason OV switches between 600 networks, offering a vast global safety net of connections.

2. Putting power behind global IoT solutions

For any business working in the IoT landscape, only global ambition will do. As OV’s network coverage expands, we supply strength to those ambitions. For added support, our partners actively work within any existing infrastructure. This way, top-quality reliability, utilising legacy coverage, can be achieved.

3. Making Voice IoT solutions sunset-proof

By choosing OV, you will be ensuring support for future networks. With VoLTE, 5G, 6G, and even 7G around the corner, we prepare to offer future-proof IoT solutions. However, it is past behaviour that supports the written word. By setting solid foundations and offering ongoing support for 2G, 3G and 4G, OV shows commitment to a customer-first approach. Moreover, we support an all-inclusive market.

To conclude; many are looking to the future of IoT solutions, sunsetting old networks and focusing on high-traffic areas. Instead, we aim for global reach with trustworthy, user-first connections.