2G and 3G sunsetting: How to break the deadlock

2G and 3G sunsetting is a hot topic in IoT at the current time with profound implications for the industry.

In this paper, we’ll explain why 2G and 3G sunsetting are important to you as a manufacturer or reseller of IoT devices. We’ll look at how the threat of sunsetting has led to a deadlock in the market, with many providers unsure which technology to embed.

We’ll detail where all UK networks currently stand in terms of their sunsetting plans right now. And finally, you’ll discover how OV offers a breakthrough that allows you a way to continue using 2G and 3G network technology with the confidence that it’ll be supported into the foreseeable future.

With detailed analysis and expert insights, this guide is a must-read for IoT manufacturers and resellers, helping you to break through the deadlock of network sunsetting uncertainty.

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