People OV Connectivity – Suzie Mealin

Each month we introduce you to a different member of the OV team – to discover what makes them tick and what excites them most about their role and the world of mobile and IoT connectivity.

This month, we’ve been speaking with Suzie Mealin, IoT Manager, who’s been with OV since the beginning. She leads the IoT sales team while inducting, managing, and supporting new OV partners. Suzie has a fantastic eye for photography and dreams of travelling the world to see new sights, snapping pictures along the way.

Suzie Mealin

Can you provide a summary of your role at OV?

I am the IOT Sales Manager. My role is to make sure that our partners have got everything they need now, and in the future, to enable their business to grow. I manage an excellent team of account managers who make it their business to support our partners business.

How long have you worked for Manx Telecom/OV?

I have worked at Manx Telecom for over two decades, I started on a six-month contract in our Marketing Team back in the days of mail shot campaigns and the phonecard collectors club! I then moved to the Manx Telecom Products Team where I was responsible for developing the Fixed Line, Internet and Mobile devices portfolio and producing campaigns to encourage new and renewal business.

Following this I joined the Corporate Sales Team where I supported the Account Management team before moving to OV in 2013.

My career at Manx Telecom has been incredibly exciting and I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the launch of so many cutting-edge technologies and work with some of the industries most talented people along the way.

Speaking of achievements, what’s been your highlight to date?

When I started at Manx Telecom 22 years ago, I’d had no telecoms or sales experience. Now I’m all about telecoms, lead a fantastic sales team that manages multi-million pound accounts, and have two teenage children – and there’s plenty more to come, as I celebrate the big four oh this year!

Overall, I’d say my highlight has been onboarding and managing a brand-new partner that now has nearly 1M IOT SIMs deployed worldwide!

And what most excites you about what the future holds for OV?

OV is a fresh brand in the market, we are continuously developing new and exciting products.  Because we are flexible and agile in our approach it makes no one day in the office the same! We get really excited every time we welcome a new partner in to the OV family. We see ourselves as an extension of their business.

And the best thing about working for OV?

Without a doubt it is the people. The Team at OV are passionate about what they do, they are creative and out of the box thinkers. Even though the team has more than doubled in size over the last few years it hasn’t lost the family feel.

And if you were not part of the OV journey, what would you be doing?

I love photos! Life is so fast paced that you don’t see things changing day to day but when you press the button on a camera it pauses life for that split second. When you look back, you can really see how everything has changed!

In recent years I’ve been lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis and take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, which only added to my love of beautiful landscapes that started with the Isle of Man. I hope one day to travel the world, visiting all the Natural Wonders with my camera in hand!