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Complex IoT delivery and a slow route to market – sound familiar? We hear it all the time here at OV, but it doesn’t have to be like that.  

It’s no secret that IoT solutions from OV are more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective meaning that you can serve your customers all over the globe quicker, and better than ever before.


Introducing eConnect, our game-changing eSIM-as-a-service IoT platform. Whether you’re a reseller or OEM, eConnect is your onestop shop for simple, scalable and secure IoT connectivity management:

Connectivity Management Platform

Remote SIM Provisioning

eUICC enabled SIMs with pre-integrated MNO profles

MNO core network

Take your customers further.

With eConnect, you can connect to 550+ networks globally with the option to scale as your business grows.

This, plus out-of-the-box access to LTE, LTE-M and VoLTE networks, eConnect offers you the flexibility and simplicity to scale without the need for traditional plastic SIM cards.

Why eConnect?

Our eConnect eSIM platform aims to simplify the delivery of IoT connectivity and reduce the time to market for IoT businesses all over the globe.

The platform combines a GSMA M2M SGP.02 v4.2 compliant remote SIM provisioning platform, pre-integrated global connectivity profiles, white label multi-tenanting option and commercial flexibility.

White labelled and multi-tenanted for a stress-free, own branded platform

Multiple provider hosting so your customers can be managed individually

Complete eUICC state management allowing you to control the remote provisioning of IMSI profiles

Automated and over-the-air remote provisioning to enable hands-free management of your profiles

Optional platform integration so you can use your own eSIM platform with the OV IMSI profiles

Why eSIM for IoT?

eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a small, programmable chip embedded directly into a device, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards.

This incredible piece of technology enables seamless switching between mobile network operators (MNOs) and overcomes traditional SIM card limitations.

Not only this, but it helps drive business innovation, reduces cost and works towards better sustainability.

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